People I Don’t Understand At the Gym

Now, before you get the wrong idea, I LOVE the gym. The days when my schedule stops me from going are the days I DREAD! I just get such a fantastic feeling from exercising and getting endorphins around other people doing the same. That being said, there are some things that go on in there that make my head spin.

1. The Elliptical Girls. Every gym has them. The ones that go at 0.002mph watching the Food Network or Say Yes to the Dress. Some stay on for three hours, other three minutes. I actually attempted to do some elliptical-ing after my circuit workout the other day, and lasted ten minutes. I was extremely proud of this accomplishment because I have never been more bored and felt more ridiculous at the same time. Please, people, there are other low-impact exercises. Find them.

hahaIf you couldn’t tell, this is how I feel about the elliptical.

2. The “Sweat + Sprinters”: AKA those nasty folk who don’t wipe down their machines/mats. It’s one thing to not wipe down your treadmill – let’s be honest, you barely touch that thing – but when you’re sweating all over your mat getting that six pack, nobody wants to lie down on top of that. Nobody.

3. In the Zone Bodybuilding Boys: 

Me: “Excuse me!”

Me: “Sorry, pardon me.”

Me: “Hello?”


This is more or less a word-for-word account of the “conversation” (if you can call it that) I had with one of these bodybuilding types yesterday. He was so “in the zone” that he was 120% tuned out to the entire world and I had to waste MY PRECIOUS TIME until I could put my weight away. 😉

Arnold-Schwarzenegger1Last time I checked, buddy, you were not this guy.

ryan reynolds shirtless 2

Nor this one. So get it together. 

4. Treadmill Peekers: Okay, this one really annoys me. I don’t care how fast you are running, I don’t even know you! So why do you keep craning your neck 180 degrees to check my speed, and then adjust yours so that you are going faster than me?! This honestly happens on a regular basis to me which I cannot understand given that I am not a particularly fast runner.

bestBut it could always be this guy next to us, so let’s just consider ourselves lucky, shall we?

5. THE WEIGHT HOGGERS. I know I just said this, but THIS one drives me INSANE. It’s one thing to have to tune out someone who is irritating but more or less does not affect you or your workout. It is an entirely different story to have to completely change a workout because Sally here is lying on the floor with seven sets of dumbbells beside her, using a medicine ball.


What type of person drives you crazy? (At the gym or elsewhere)


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