“Food Ruts”

I’ve been seeing the term “food rut” thrown around A LOT recently. People find a breakfast/lunch/snack that they particularly enjoy, eat it on the regular, and then decide (or are told) that their fond attachment is unhealthy. Google it and approximately 7.5 MILLION results show up.

food rutYep, I’m so sick of vegetables I want to cry. NOT.

While I’m all for variety, and don’t believe that needing to eat the EXACT. SAME. THING. every morning is particularly healthy, I also don’t believe in the term “food rut”.

I happen to love my breakfast. It’s plain greek yogurt with an apple and almond butter and a 1% latte. I’ve had that every day for about a week and a half. Before that, after I got my wisdom teeth out, it was banana. Before that, muesli. Keep going back to the summer and it was granola and berries. A year ago, it was two pieces of rye toast, one with peanut butter, one with jam, an apple and a latte.



Now, granted, I have been obsessed with yogurt bowls for a good several months, and maaaaybe I should switch to something else. But then again, why? Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and a lot of other things that I, a seventeen year old non-science student is unaware of. I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, which is where the majority of micronutrients and minerals come from. And honestly, if you enjoy something, I see no reason to force yourself to change!

This clearly does NOT apply to ED situations where one feels that they absolutely CANNOT consume anything not “acceptable”. Nor am I referring to binge habits or sugar addictions. I’m just talking about the general old folks who happen to look forward to their morning ritual of oatmeal and coffee or what have you.

snoozeBecause, let’s be honest. Sometimes breakfast is all that keeps me from hitting this guy one too many times.

So, what I’m trying to say, is that if you have a particular food that you love, enjoy eating, and is relatively good for you, what is the problem with eating it often? There is so much room in our diets for variety that I think sometimes it’s okay to surrender a little bit. I, for example, rarely eat the same lunch. I have some snack favourites, and obviously breakfast preferences, but lunch is almost always different and so is dinner!

And “different” doesn’t have to mean “imported from Guatemala and costs $867 and can only be located at one organic store 30km away.” For me, today, that means I’m having an egg and hummus sandwich, a combination I haven’t tried before.

Now, if you are participated/have done Meg’s breakfast challenge, or something of the like, I am NOT trying to incriminate you! At all! I think that it is an extremely cool idea and promoting variety in our diets absolutely promotes health. I also think that it is not 110% vital every moment of every day.

What’s your opinion on “food ruts”?

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