The Kicker Behind New Years “Health” Resolutions

For a while there, everybody was making them.

“In 20xx, I’m going to eat only unprocessed, whole foods.”



Vegan-Food-PyramidAnybody want to tell me what that exactly means?

“I’m going to go to spin class four mornings per week.”

“I’ll get rid of ALL THE JUNK FOOD.”

The list went on. Then, people started rebelling. Things like “I don’t make New Years Resolutions” started coming out of people’s mouths, and they claimed that they made a change the moment they decided one needed to be made. The problem with this, though, is it’s just another example of people following a pack. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with New Years Resolutions! A new year is a fresh start, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to start off the year as the best possible version of yourself. Yourself being the magic word. If you’ve never been to a spin class, clearly a resolution of daily spinning does not have a high likelihood of succeeding. But you know this already!

What you don’t know, or at least what I didn’t realize until recently, is that the whole concept of new year’s resolutions is just another avenue for follow-the-leader and self-deprication. The trap of, “I’m not good enough because…

  • I ate a cookie when I resolved to give up sweets
  • I slept in instead of working out
  • I realized I hated running
  • I waited until the New Year to change my life
  • I made resolutions
  • I broke resolutions.”


It’s kind of a lose-lose situation, hey? So, while I’m not jumping on either bandwagon, I think that, like everything in life, New Years Resolutions need to be taken with a grain of salt. You skip waiting for January 1 and start running today? AMAZING. If you make twenty resolutions, good for you! And if you break them all, well, at least you tried. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be determined to do anything you set your mind to. Rather, I’m just saying that the whole avenue of what we should or shouldn’t do with regards to resolutions needs to be closed. Shut down. Detoured.

There’s only one full day left in 2013, and I say let’s make the most of it. Whether that is enjoying your last morning sleeping in until starting a new fitness program, or turning off the TV and going for that run, we should do whatever makes US feel the most fulfilled. Not the fitness magazines or celebrities.

Because you know what? I have NO desire to start downing a green juice upon waking.


All the websites and fitness personalities rave about it, but not only do I

a) Not have a juicer

But I b) think that the idea of blended spinach, parsley, and cucumber sounds repulsive, not to mention adding sweetener kind of defeats the whole purpose.

So, instead of ignoring MYSELF, and making a resolution to start drinking green juice, I will continue smoothie-ing, yogurt-ing and oatmeal-ing myself until I choose otherwise.

And I strongly suggest you do the same!

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