Well Hello Again

…it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It goes without saying that I disappeared with entirely no explanation. To spare you the long winded, boring explanation that nobody wants to hear, let’s just sum it all up in two words.



It has 110% taken over my life. I’m applying to VERY competitive universities, so all of my time (and then some!) has been consumed with studying, extracurriculars, and work (since living on my own at said universities is far from cheap).

I tried blogging while in school, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t enjoyable anymore, and became just another “to-do” on my list. That wasn’t why I started blogging, and I found myself writing unoriginal posts, trying (and failing) to act like a carbon copy HLB.

No more! This fall semester I have gone through a lot of changes. I’m in the middle of switching friend groups, have done a 180 on my career plan, and am in a much healthier place with regards to food/etc.

I knew it was time to come back because I kept saying to myself “This would be great to blog about!” I had kept up with reading other blogs, but had been perfectly content with simply browsing, until now.

So I’m taking the plunge! This time around will be different. There will be no boring posts “for the sake of posting”. I’m going to write interesting and relevant things when I have something to say, and I am SO SO excited to be back!


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