“Food Ruts”

I’ve been seeing the term “food rut” thrown around A LOT recently. People find a breakfast/lunch/snack that they particularly enjoy, eat it on the regular, and then decide (or are told) that their fond attachment is unhealthy. Google it and approximately 7.5 MILLION results show up.

food rutYep, I’m so sick of vegetables I want to cry. NOT.

While I’m all for variety, and don’t believe that needing to eat the EXACT. SAME. THING. every morning is particularly healthy, I also don’t believe in the term “food rut”.

I happen to love my breakfast. It’s plain greek yogurt with an apple and almond butter and a 1% latte. I’ve had that every day for about a week and a half. Before that, after I got my wisdom teeth out, it was banana. Before that, muesli. Keep going back to the summer and it was granola and berries. A year ago, it was two pieces of rye toast, one with peanut butter, one with jam, an apple and a latte.



Now, granted, I have been obsessed with yogurt bowls for a good several months, and maaaaybe I should switch to something else. But then again, why? Greek yogurt is an excellent source of protein, calcium, and a lot of other things that I, a seventeen year old non-science student is unaware of. I eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, which is where the majority of micronutrients and minerals come from. And honestly, if you enjoy something, I see no reason to force yourself to change!

This clearly does NOT apply to ED situations where one feels that they absolutely CANNOT consume anything not “acceptable”. Nor am I referring to binge habits or sugar addictions. I’m just talking about the general old folks who happen to look forward to their morning ritual of oatmeal and coffee or what have you.

snoozeBecause, let’s be honest. Sometimes breakfast is all that keeps me from hitting this guy one too many times.

So, what I’m trying to say, is that if you have a particular food that you love, enjoy eating, and is relatively good for you, what is the problem with eating it often? There is so much room in our diets for variety that I think sometimes it’s okay to surrender a little bit. I, for example, rarely eat the same lunch. I have some snack favourites, and obviously breakfast preferences, but lunch is almost always different and so is dinner!

And “different” doesn’t have to mean “imported from Guatemala and costs $867 and can only be located at one organic store 30km away.” For me, today, that means I’m having an egg and hummus sandwich, a combination I haven’t tried before.

Now, if you are participated/have done Meg’s breakfast challenge, or something of the like, I am NOT trying to incriminate you! At all! I think that it is an extremely cool idea and promoting variety in our diets absolutely promotes health. I also think that it is not 110% vital every moment of every day.

What’s your opinion on “food ruts”?


The Kicker Behind New Years “Health” Resolutions

For a while there, everybody was making them.

“In 20xx, I’m going to eat only unprocessed, whole foods.”



Vegan-Food-PyramidAnybody want to tell me what that exactly means?

“I’m going to go to spin class four mornings per week.”

“I’ll get rid of ALL THE JUNK FOOD.”

The list went on. Then, people started rebelling. Things like “I don’t make New Years Resolutions” started coming out of people’s mouths, and they claimed that they made a change the moment they decided one needed to be made. The problem with this, though, is it’s just another example of people following a pack. Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with New Years Resolutions! A new year is a fresh start, and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to start off the year as the best possible version of yourself. Yourself being the magic word. If you’ve never been to a spin class, clearly a resolution of daily spinning does not have a high likelihood of succeeding. But you know this already!

What you don’t know, or at least what I didn’t realize until recently, is that the whole concept of new year’s resolutions is just another avenue for follow-the-leader and self-deprication. The trap of, “I’m not good enough because…

  • I ate a cookie when I resolved to give up sweets
  • I slept in instead of working out
  • I realized I hated running
  • I waited until the New Year to change my life
  • I made resolutions
  • I broke resolutions.”


It’s kind of a lose-lose situation, hey? So, while I’m not jumping on either bandwagon, I think that, like everything in life, New Years Resolutions need to be taken with a grain of salt. You skip waiting for January 1 and start running today? AMAZING. If you make twenty resolutions, good for you! And if you break them all, well, at least you tried. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be determined to do anything you set your mind to. Rather, I’m just saying that the whole avenue of what we should or shouldn’t do with regards to resolutions needs to be closed. Shut down. Detoured.

There’s only one full day left in 2013, and I say let’s make the most of it. Whether that is enjoying your last morning sleeping in until starting a new fitness program, or turning off the TV and going for that run, we should do whatever makes US feel the most fulfilled. Not the fitness magazines or celebrities.

Because you know what? I have NO desire to start downing a green juice upon waking.


All the websites and fitness personalities rave about it, but not only do I

a) Not have a juicer

But I b) think that the idea of blended spinach, parsley, and cucumber sounds repulsive, not to mention adding sweetener kind of defeats the whole purpose.

So, instead of ignoring MYSELF, and making a resolution to start drinking green juice, I will continue smoothie-ing, yogurt-ing and oatmeal-ing myself until I choose otherwise.

And I strongly suggest you do the same!

Lessons Learned While Living off Pudding & Applesauce

AKA how to not go clinically insane after getting your wisdom teeth out/whatever unfortunate event caused you to require an extended soft diet.

wisdom teeth

On Friday the 13th I got my wisdom teeth out. The irony was not lost on me. However, it was made slightly better because before I went in my Sleeps to Christmas app told me that there was less than one million seconds until Christmas which made me happy.

 1 million!I absolutely did get a picture at that exact moment. #heckyes

Speaking of being happy…can I just say HOW RELIEVED I was/am that I didn’t wake up during surgery?! Honestly, my biggest fear was that I would wake up and nobody would know it, so they wouldn’t give me more drugs and I would just be lying there watching them yank out my teeth. Because apparently that’s a thing.

But it didn’t happen! The anesthesiologist just came in, told me he would give me drugs through an IV and gas and then I was out! Actually, this was my 100% unfiltered thought process:

1. Okay. Relax. YOU ARE NOT GOING TO DIE. He told you to take deep breaths. Do it.

2. If the gas is going out into the room and not a mask how is everybody else not going to fall asleep?!

3. I’m not tired!!!

4. That smells weird.



carrotsNo exaggeration. 

And then I proceeded to try (and fail miserably) to talk! Something about a numb mouth full of gauze tends to prevent that sort of thing.

Then I proceeded to wait for an hour in the recovery room and very jealously watched the guy next to me talk NO PROBLEM. (No fair!)

When I finally left, I tried (and again, failed miserably) to make my mom relax, but it was really hard because I couldn’t talk so I just kept texting her smiley faces and giving thumbs up. She thought I was losing it.

 thumbs upIt was cute.

We had to pick up my prescription so I ended up walking around the grocery store looking for pudding with two bags of frozen peas on my face. I just thought you would appreciate that visual.

Once we finally made it home, I went directly to the couch where I proceeded to listen to my stomach growl for a few hours before drinking a glass of the BEST JUICE OF MY LIFE. Then a few hours later I ate some applesauce that was even better.

And for the next few days I lived on yogurt, applesauce, pudding, and smoothies (with a spoon! For the love of god do NOT use a straw after getting your wisdom teeth out. It’s the best way to get dry socket which is the best way to ensure constant agony for 2+ months). But eventually, I started to get bored. It was really when I got sick of Greek yogurt (I know, the horror!) that I knew I had to switch it up. SO, for anybody in a similar situation, I hope that this helps you!


1. Mix applesauce with yogurt. It sounds weird but made me feel like I invented a new food!Try it.

2. Mix chocolate and vanilla pudding. Again, sounds so strange but it was kind of like a McDonald’s twisty ice cream and t’was delicious.

3. Enjoy being lazy! This is one of the only times where everyone expects you to be a lump on the couch for days so you should really take advantage of it.

4. Watch Alvin & The Chipmunks. It’s just too ironic to not.



1. Watch TV all day. I know this contradicts what I just said but hear me out! I seriously think that I may have been one of the first people to get their wisdom teeth out that didn’t watch ALL THE SHOWS. I read, instagrammed, and watched SOME TV. The reason I say this is because I noticed that after a couple of hours I started to feel even more lethargic and headachey that considering my mouth was already sore enough, I didn’t need to feel even worse.

2. Use a straw. I already explained this. My surgeon told me after a week I could but I’m extremely paranoid and will probably wait the 2 months until everything is 100% closed up.

3. Be ambitious. With chewing. Seriously, avoid anything that can be broken into even remotely small pieces for at least a week. And then anything super tiny, like nuts and seeds, wait 2 months.

4. Eat ALL the ice cream ALL the time. I know, your jaw just dropped. But just because you have to eat soft foods doesn’t mean you should totally abandon all thoughts of healthy eating! OBVIOUSLY enjoy your fair share of ice cream, but also load up on yogurt, homemade soups, applesauce, mashed sweet potatoes, mashed bananas (whole after a few days), and anything your little heart desires!

*DISCLAIMER: This is what MY surgeon and MY experience has enlightened me about. Listen to your doctor and your body. 

How I Started Strength Training

I have absolutely, totally, BEYOND recognition fallen in love with running this past fall. So much, in fact, that I began to entirely neglect strength training. But I didn’t really have any problems.


For a while.

It’s like flossing though. Nobody gets away with only brushing for very long. And no runner can ONLY run forever without feeling some time of consequences, eventually.

Mine came in the form of my (poor) knees.

Let’s just preface this with saying I have ALWAYS had shit knees. 11 years of ski racing will do that to you, I suppose. Anyway, I’ve been plagued with knee issues for 5+ years, most of which stopped when I took a FULL YEAR off of ANY intense athletics. Yes, it was horrific, yes I survived.

I went into this year feeling fresh, good, and invincible. I ran, and ran, and ran,

And then my knees started to hurt. At first it was just a twinge here and there. Then it got worse. And I KNEW if I had ANY chance of running a half-marathon (my long-term goal) I had to make a change.

So back to the gym it was! I started off saying I HAD to do 30 minutes, once a week. I dreaded it. I did 10 minutes of legs, 10 minutes of arms, and 10 minutes of abs consisting of the most boring exercises ever invented. It’s no wonder I hated it.

Anyway, eventually I got sick of that BS and moved on to bigger and better things.

AKA I did a lot of:

1. Circuit workouts! Julie at PB Fingers has a lot of really good ones, combining both cardio + strength (<–key to maintaining my fitness when cutting back on running!)

10-to-6-workoutThis one is my favourite so far!

2. Nike Training Club: DISCLAIMER: Please pay attention to the intensity level that this app makes you choose before selecting a workout. I (obviously) ignored it and chose “advanced” because I was still in said feeling invincible stage.  The entire workout I did was a huge strugglefest and I ended up resting for close to half of the times I was supposed to be exercising. FAIL. However, I did learn from it and absolutely loved the “Drill Sergeant” workout from the Intermediate section! I did it following a 3.1 mile run, which would have otherwise felt like a wasted workout (incorrect, but my mentality). I left the gym feeling tired and satisfied! Definitely download this app if you have an iPhone and are looking for varied workouts. Muscles I didn’t even know I had hurt. Another bonus is that they have demos for all the exercises, so if you’re like me and only know how to lunge and squat, you don’t need to feel intimidated! nike-training-club-app-1024x512

3. Not overwhelming myself: I will admit it. When I FIRST started looking for strength workouts, I went to the bloggers I knew were super into weights and looked through the workouts they had posted. Not surprisingly, they were FAR too advanced for me, not to mention written in another language. I got really discouraged at first, when I realized I had no idea how to do a deadlift, WTF a “hang clean” was and absolutely no ability of hopping into a gym and busting out a great workout. HINT: If you’re a beginner, start at the beginning. It’s genius, I know. If I had let myself STAY intimidated, though, I would not have been a genius. No sir, I would still be either a) sitting on the couch or b) pounding away at my poor knees. Both of which suck equally, in my opinion.

snowman Far too accurate for words

So there you have it! If you’re looking to get into the gym but have no FREAKING CLUE where to start, I hope that this was (somewhat) helpful? Tell me please! –> Please also tell me how to get rid of 7,842 spam comments. Apparently disappearing for 4 months will cause that.

How often do you strength train?

Well Hello Again

…it’s been a while, hasn’t it?

It goes without saying that I disappeared with entirely no explanation. To spare you the long winded, boring explanation that nobody wants to hear, let’s just sum it all up in two words.



It has 110% taken over my life. I’m applying to VERY competitive universities, so all of my time (and then some!) has been consumed with studying, extracurriculars, and work (since living on my own at said universities is far from cheap).

I tried blogging while in school, but I just wasn’t feeling it. It wasn’t enjoyable anymore, and became just another “to-do” on my list. That wasn’t why I started blogging, and I found myself writing unoriginal posts, trying (and failing) to act like a carbon copy HLB.

No more! This fall semester I have gone through a lot of changes. I’m in the middle of switching friend groups, have done a 180 on my career plan, and am in a much healthier place with regards to food/etc.

I knew it was time to come back because I kept saying to myself “This would be great to blog about!” I had kept up with reading other blogs, but had been perfectly content with simply browsing, until now.

So I’m taking the plunge! This time around will be different. There will be no boring posts “for the sake of posting”. I’m going to write interesting and relevant things when I have something to say, and I am SO SO excited to be back!