I’m Stranded!

On a deserted island!

With my laptop!

I’m a comic. Hold the applause, please.

lolSlash pre-laugh face. Slash pre laugh/sneeze simultaneously face. 

Sidenote: That caption is very accurate for me. I hate people’s pre-sneeze faces and I have a horrible one. It’s worse when you make the pre-seenze face though and don’t actually sneeze because you are doing that thing where you hold it in. Or maybe that’s just me. Hm. Moving on.

Good morning! Since I’ve only been home for a week (and even though I was only gone for a month, it felt like forever), currently I am totally revelling in all things home-y and familiar. One of which is homemade chicken caesar salad! There was a time about 1.5-2 years ago when every single time my mom asked me what I wanted for dinner I would say “Chicken caesars!” Not even a joke.

Life UnexpectedLife Expected ** Life very expected. I’m a creature of habit, what can I say? 

SO when we had them again last night after a 3 month dry spell it was a glorious thing. And it made me realize that I would be 100% perfectly happy living off of:

1. Plain baked chicken breast

2. Apples

3. Carrots

4. Greek yogurt

5. 100% whole grain bread

I’m not even kidding. Apples and yogurt for breakfast and chicken sandwiches with carrots for lunch and dinner. I know that it wouldn’t be the most nutritionally balanced diet (at ALL) and I would never actually choose to eat only those things, but damn I would be happy if I could.


Also, did you guys know that caesar salad can be 110% perfectly healthy? Because it can. Those mayo/cream filled dressings are total crap and you should go to your fridge right this very second and chuck them out the window.

Mix plain greek yogurt, a little dijon mustard, and LOTS of garlic together. Add lettuce and top with chicken and cheese. DONE. This is not a joke. I repeat, this is not a joke.

Okay, clearly I’m in need of a little help this morning. Or maybe I had too much coffee (read: too many lattes. Black coffee = worse than brussel sprouts)

IMG_0348Or, since this is my idea of fun, maybe you should just admit me.

Regardless, you need to make this dressing! I’ve never actually made it so I don’t know the amounts of each ingredient but you should be able to just do it to taste. When I stop being lazy remember to I will post the actual recipe though!

Do you eat caesar salad? 

What 5 foods could you live off of?


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