WIAW: Why So Much?

It’s WIAW! I’ve missed this link party SO much, so I am beyond excited to be joining up with Jen and all the other bloggers again. 🙂

Yesterday I started thinking about what foods we eat and why. And it got me wondering: Why do we so often choose processed, fake foods with an ingredient list over simple, whole foods? Let me give you an example.

My yogurt bowl obsessions used to always include granola. I knew it wasn’t suuuper healthy, but the nutrition facts didn’t suck and the label said “organic”, so it couldn’t be that bad, right?


DSCN0446Oh, the evil little tricks of marketers. 


A mile long list of corn syrup, preservatives, and artificial flavours later, I realized that I needed to stop putting chemicals into my body. My yogurt bowls needed nuts and seeds and fresh fruit! Because, frankly, I really could not care less if my ratio of fat to carbs to protein in my breakfast is stellar anymore. All that should matter is getting your body the pure and wholesome nutrients that it is begging you for.

gyGoodbye, lover. 


So, that is why I have come to a decision. I am no longer eating chemicals. That includes cereal, yes, but it also includes gum, diet coke, crackers, etc. I want my entire diet to be made up of things like nuts, seeds, legumes, fruits and veggies, yogurt, whole grains and a moderate amount of meat.

 dinner   One of my all-time favourite dinners.

Too much time has been wasted filling my body with too little of things it doesn’t even want!

So I guess now my question is this: Why so much? No, not why so much food. Why so much thought? Why so many ingredients? Why so many hours spent meal planning and macro tracking? Quite frankly, it’s all a load of BS to me. The vast majority of the population is NOT training to be a professional fitness model or competitor. So, if you spent 3 hours in the gym and eat egg whites and tuna to get those fantastic abs in the middle of December, great for you, but nobody else is going to see them! And personally, I would rather feel good about myself as a whole rather than just look good.

sconeAnd enjoy treats like this on the norm, because, um, YUM. 

Another example: Currently, my hair is brittle, and my skin is dry and dull. I have zero energy ever and I don’t feel like myself. BUT my BMI is the lowest it could possibly be while still in the healthy range. It’s actually amazing to realize that it’s not worth it to me! I would rather gain weight and feel great about everything, rather than just have the “right” weight.

WOW that was an unplanned tangent. But it is still relevant in the sense that, in my opinion, eating natural, whole foods will get you to that point of optimal health! Which is what the focus for the general population should be. Think about it this way: You wake up, get in a fantastic workout that makes you sweat, then go home, eat a delicious and satisfying breakfast before enjoying a relaxing shower. Getting dressed and putting on makeup is enjoyable because you are positively glowing, and that energy stays with you for the rest of the day as you both socialize and get work done. Come the end of the day, there is so much good in your life that the fact that you had a few bites of a cookie at 10:06am doesn’t even register in your mind.

muffins3Vegan Walnut Cinnamon Muffins: 100% pure + 100% delicious. <– NOT a cheesy advertisement. JK let’s be honest here. 

THAT is the goal and THAT is what I aim to achieve by cutting the crap out of my diet. It is not “quick-fix” and it is most certainly NOT a diet. It is a way of life that I hope will get me back to my old self, once and for all!

Do you struggle with fake healthy foods?

What makes up your “ideal” diet? 


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