MIMM: The Little Things (It’s Good To Be Home)

Happy Monday! This is an extra-special Monday for me because it’s my first Monday back at home after a month in Europe! Although it was absolutely fantastic, it was also physically and mentally exhausting. Our flight from Amsterdam to Minneapolis was overbooked, and so we almost didn’t make it on the plane. When the flight attendant told us this, I started crying. I was just so done with travelling and all I wanted was to be home. So, being home these past few days I have been noticing little things left, right and centre that I didn’t appreciate nearly as much before I left. And what better of a Marvelous In My Monday post than one about your whole entire life?! Thanks to the lovely Katie for hosting. 🙂 


Yogurt bowls…Holy wow, did I miss these an exorbitant amount! It got to the point where any time I saw yogurt I would grab one and have a makeshift version. The ones in Spain were seriously lackluster (think flavoured yogurt with Special K and unripe peaches), but the ones in Italy made some major improvements. There, I enjoyed plain (runny) yogurt with museli and crisp apples. Although these were nice, there was nothing, and I mean nothing that compared to that yogurt bowl I had my first morning home. Paired with my oh-so-missed homemade latte and it was almost like I had never even left.


Good books. In Spain I literally had 60 minutes of free time that were more often than not spent napping, and in Italy I was sort of slightly distracted by these little things called the Coliseum and the Roman Forum and the Pantheon and the…you get the idea. The only reading I got to do was on the plane, and get this: When your head is twisted one way and your back another, and there’s a crying baby in front of you and someone kicking your seat from the back, it’s sort of difficult to relax and get lost in a book. Needless to say, I was craving some “me time” with some words and some tea in a major way.

the scorpio races

I got this book from the library after hearing Amanda rave about it, and I am loving it so far! I’m the type of person who loves to get lost in books, so the ones that are set in a totally different world are usually hits with me. (Sidenote: Is it even necessary to hyperlink this girl’s name anymore?! I feel like there is only one Amanda in the blogworld and we all know and love her! 🙂 )

My bed. Words cannot describe how magnificent it has been to sleep in my own bed again, after a month of rock-hard hotel mattresses. Also in that realm is my closet. At one point during my trip, I completely snapped and grabbed everything out of my suitcase and threw it on to the floor. Hangers are a magical thing!

Workouts. There was one week in Spain where I managed three 30 minute circuit-style workouts, but they were a) not remotely even tiring and b) involved no running. Now that I’ve been home I’ve been going to the gym again and that post-workout euphoria is a feeling like no other.


Of course it has also been absolutely amazing to see my friends and family again. My mom met me in Spain before we flew to Italy, so I only spent two weeks without her, but that hug in Madrid was probably the best I’ve ever had in my life.

There have obviously been a million and one things that I have appreciated in the four days I’ve been home, but these are just some randoms off the top of my head to keep you people entertained.

Also to keep you entertained:

wtfHow true is this though?! 

What is the longest time you’ve ever spent travelling?

6 thoughts on “MIMM: The Little Things (It’s Good To Be Home)

  1. Welcome home, girl! I totally know what you mean about being more than happy to be back home… As much as I love to travel, there’s something to be said about getting back into your routine and enjoying the things you love on an every day basis. And having your own bed and bathroom? Ugh… heaven! Glad you’re liking that book! I reread parts of it here and there because I enjoyed it so much. Pick up The Wolves of Mercy Falls series by her, too! The first book is called Shiver, and it’s another really good read.

  2. It must be so nice to be home! I adore travelling (and am completely jealous that you went to Europe – I’ve never been!) but coming home is an amazing feeling as well. And you have me thinking that I need a yogurt bowl in my near future 😉

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