Travel Week: The Food + Fitness Plan

How is it Monday, July 8 already?! I seriously am in shock. I feel like it was just Canada Day.

IMG_0686The legislature grounds downtown. Partay central. 

I leave THIS Friday for almost a full month in Europe. It didn’t actually begin that way, and it’s not a month straight of pure vacation. I’m volunteering for the first two weeks, teaching English. Then I am on a vacation with the madre for a week, and then for five days I’m visiting a friend who I met because she was a foreign exchange student in my city.

italyJust a stop along the way.

WOW. Yep. One month. As I said in an earlier post, I do have mostly enough drafts to post Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while I’m gone. I have a couple of recipes, a couple random posts, and a guest post in the works and of course dreams of European WIAWs!

That being said, I have these drafts scheduled to post at 7:00am. I’ve never done that before, so who even knows if it it will work! If I discover that it doesn’t, I’ll likely be posting around midnight in my time zone (4pm mountain). I also don’t really have a clue how commenting is going to happen, as I am going to be soaking up the experiences and sun as much as possible!

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the food and fitness plan for the week!

Food: Recipes I REALLY want to try!


I’m also planning a post on travel-friendly foods to bring with you on a plane! Because I’ll be gone for a month, I know I will be indulging quite a bit, and so airport food is the last thing I want to spend, money and empty calories on. I’m hopefully going to make those bars, as well as a couple of other surprise recipes. 🙂


Monday: Biceps, triceps, back + abs. Maaaaaybe a run after. Depends.

Tuesday: Run 1 mile @ 7:30 pace, leg circuit, repeat 3x.

Wednesday: 5 mile run with a friend!

Thursday: Run 1 mile, arm circuit, repeat 3x, leg circuit.

Friday: Travel day! Hoping to squeeze in a super quick and early 3 mile run and then enjoying the morning at home before leaving at 11am.

Now that I’ve talked about the food + fitness plan for this week, I want to talk about it for this month. A month-long vacation. The organization that I’m volunteering with specifically said that we will be given three large meals per day, two of which have dessert.

instagram-food-pictures-photos-meals-confession-ecards-someecardsThis will likely be the situation. 

Yep, I’m freaked. I despise large meals, and I have already packed fourteen protein bars and fourteen packs of nuts so that I can eat smaller meals and still get enough food for the day. I realize that this may seem like a step back in recovery, but if I were to actually only eat three times a day I would not only feel bloated and awful, but my low blood sugar would have a field day. And, yes, the anxiety would still be there. I’m not denying it. But honestly, I feel like surrendering 100% of my control over meals is a massive step, one that I don’t even know if I’m ready for. Adding on to that just seems like a recipe for disaster.

About a month ago, I got totally motivated on conquering a bunch of fear foods and literally did one a day, and then got burned out and ate only certain things up until this week. I learned that I have limits and I can’t push them too far, too fast. Slow and steady wins the race over here, friends.

Onto the exercise front! For the first two weeks of my trip, I’ll be in bed by midnight, and breakfast isn’t served until 9am. Do you see what I see? 8 hours of sleep + a RUN in the mornings. I’m SO happy. Then for the next two weeks I have pretty much all the freedom in the world, so I can fit in some strength exercises and running as I please. (Running while sightseeing = match made in heaven.)

I usually am not one to advocate keeping up regular exercise and healthy eating while on vacation – its a vacation! Relax! However, since I’ll be gone for a month, this type of mentality could very easily add up to significant weight gain (Or loss…which would be a lot worse). So, by eating the snacks that I bring, eating normal sized meals and keeping up regular-ish workouts, I hope to stay fairly stable.

I hope this post wasn’t too wordy, and that it was relatively interesting/informative! Have a marvelous Monday!

Have you ever taken an extended vacation?

What’s your opinion on exercising while travelling? 


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