Canada Day Road Race Recap

Good morning!

Today is my Canada Day Road Race recap!


I haven’t been running as much as I would like to, so I wasn’t going into this expecting much. The Canada Day Road Race has a 5K and a 15K, but since I’m obviously not trained enough to run 9.4 miles, I did the 5K. It was a small, local race and I used it to get back in the swing of things before getting all hot and bothered about racing and times.


The gun went off promptly at 7:30am, and it being soooo tiny, I crossed the start line 8 seconds after. My first mile was pretty uneventful. I clocked in at about 7:48 which, considering my current fitness level, I was quite happy with.

emma2Someone was excited to be racing again.

The course started with a nice 1/4 mile downhill, which was great to get some momentum! I just chugged along for the first mile or so, marvelled at how fast some of the 15Kers were going and continued on my merry way. It was an out and back, so we split off with those doing the 15K at the turnaround – which was exactly at 2.5K.

After the turnaround, I was still feeling quite good, so I picked it up a bit. Yes, it was hot and I wasn’t racing racing, but I didn’t want to cross the finish line with so much energy I could have ran another race.

The water station was at roughly 3.5K, and I 110% failed at it. I grabbed a cup, dropped it, then spilled the next one all over myself. Classy. This was around 7:45, so the weather was getting hotter and I was feeling it.

The next 1.5K were just plain hard. My legs did not want to cooperate with me and I got the lead-legs syndrome, badly. This was that point in the race where you wonder why on earth you run and put yourself through so much torture.

But, somehow, some way, I made it to 4.7 kilometres. I would like to say that at this point I switched into a new gear and sprinted to the finish, but that is sadly not the case. The course ended with a 400m incline of death, and I’m pretty sure I was clocking twelve minute miles up that thing.

I wasn’t the only one inspiring turtles everywhere, though. Yes, some people passed me, but I passed some as well. Everyone was just done.

That hill never seemed to end. And literally 15 feet before the end of it, I walked.

I have never walked in a race before.

But, I have never taken an extended time off from exercise before, nor have I ever had a knee injury like this. So that’s what I’m reminding myself of and I refuse to feel bad about it.

So, I walked for 10 seconds. BIG DEAL. I sprinted to the finish and ended with a time of 25:02, which, for not being remotely in running shape, is pretty damn gosh darn good to me.

emma3If I finished like this, I definitely didn’t leave anything in the tank.

loved kicking off my Canada Day with a race, and I want to do it every year now! The endorphins set me up for an amazing day of friends and fun.

What’s your favourite thing to do after a race?

2 thoughts on “Canada Day Road Race Recap

  1. Nice job on your race! I hate when inclines sneak up on you like that. Oh, and the water station thing TOTALLY sounds like something I would do.

    Depending on the length of the race (I usually run longer ones) I like to nap, or if it’s shorter, have a celebration beer :).

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