June Favourites

Since there’s no way I can possibly fathom the fact that June is no more and it is now July, let’s jump right into the favourites and marvel at them. ūüėČ Sidenote – Katie had her baby boy on the 29th! CONGRATS!

Number one favourite…CANADA! (Please note the “u” in the spelling.)


Yes, it is a holiday weekend, but NOT because the fourth of July is coming up. It’s Canada Day! I just ran the Canada Day 5K and I am now a very happy camper. It’s been a year and a half since I’ve done any races thanks to a VERY annoying horrible awful stubborn knee injury. But the times are a’changin. When I get back from Europe this summer, I’m jumping into the last half of a 10k training plan, and then it’s cross country season! Hooray for an overload of running posts! ūüôā

The plan for the day is a BBQ (which should really go without saying) and some fireworks with the girls. I kid you not when I say that I have wanted grilled salmon, grilled corn and grilled romaine for 2.5 months. That shouldn’t be too hard to accomplish, right? Well, it sort of is when you don’t have a barbecue. We used to, we moved out of Suburbia and it didn’t meet the standards of our new place. It’s okay though, because we’re mooching off some other people tomorrow. Besides, who¬†wouldn’t¬†want a view like this?


This might will sound cheesy, but Canada Day is one of my favourite days of the year because everyone in the country gets connected, and everyone lucky enough to live in the same city as me gets to enjoy a parade and lots of hot dog carts. Sounds pretty fantastic to me! There are also a few other things I think are fantastic that I’ve discovered this month. Care to hear them? Wonderful.


I’m being 100% honest when I say that I have no words to describe my addiction to gum. I gave up even counting how many pieces I have in a day because it’s just way¬†too many. I have three packs in my drawer that I am only allowing myself on the plane(s!), so we shall see how I last one month sans my beloved¬†Five.¬†I don’t exactly understand how protein powder has been grossing me out lately (the idea of so many chemicals) but I have absolutely no problem chewing mass quantities of sorbitol, glycerol and¬†hydrogenated starch.¬†EW.

Moving on to more enjoyable topics, life has definitely been more enjoyable with Love Crunch Granola in it.


Funny story, I actually only bought this at first because I thought it was Love Grown, and the blog world had been devouring it religiously. I got the dark chocolate + berries one at first, and while I still love that, apples have a place in my heart that can never be replaced.


In there you’ve got oat clusters, dried apples, chia seeds along with 15g of whole grains and 3g of protein! As the Danish say (I think), ja.

Next up is my beloved Forever Nuts tea from Davids Tea. It has been¬†far¬†too long since this stuff has been in my life. It’s definitely not a summer tea (at least in my opinion), but it is the epitome of comfort to me, so I drink it year round. The smell of almonds, cinnamon and apples (surprised?) has pulled me in¬†way¬†too deep to get out. Not that I want to.


I obviously had to buy two.


It’s true. When it’s steeped it’s literally HOT pink. Another plus to this is that it can pretty much steep forever. So, if you’re like me and forget¬†everything,¬†you can forget this, worry-free! It just brings out the apple flavour mooooooore and deliciously more.


I had to include this! I just got this bag yesterday and I am absolutely in love with it. I had a minor (understatement) panic attack yesterday morning when I realized that I had no bags I could use as a carry on for travelling. I have thousands of bags, but I just didn’t have¬†the one.¬†(Sidenote: Does any girl actually have the¬†perfect¬†bag that lasts? I’ve thought I had it a million times but something always changes my mind. Sigh.) This one fits everything I need, I can sling it across my body while walking and it’s not too heavy or bulky.


I¬†highly¬†recommend Steve Madden bags. I don’t actually love their shoes, because, while they¬†are¬†really cute, they always seem to deteriorate on me. This purse seems quite sturdy and well built, though, and I know my mom has had one for several years that still looks great.

And, because this post started talking about running, let’s end it with some more of the same! I used to think that I would never EVER stray from my Saucony Ride 3’s, but…


I did. I fell for the Mizuno Wave Rider 16s and I fell¬†hard.¬†It was love at first run, what can I say? Solid enough (although a neutral shoe) to support my ankles and knees, but lighter than anything I have ever worn. It’s not a joke when I say every time I take these babies out I’m sprinting on clouds.

Not an overly huge amount of favourites, only because when you move into a sub 1000 square foot condo, space becomes a serious priority. I’ve gotten to the point where I despise¬†“stuff” and am getting rid of¬†everything¬†that does not have two meaningful purposes and that I legitimately need. It is SO liberating to not be weighed down by it all, and I love that when I move out next year, I won’t have to sift through millions of boxes to figure out what I need.

I could write seventeen a whole entire post on that topic, so we’ll leave it there for now.

I’ve also been loving lots of music! New,




And just plain weird.

hot probs

Loving is¬†definitely¬†the wrong word. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel the same way I do once you see it.

This has NOTHING on the first song, by the way. That is a work of art.

So between that on repeat, and this clogging up my Netflix,

Life Unexpected

It’s safe to say I’ve had a pretty great month! How could the start of summer not¬†be totally amazing, though?¬†To all my Canadians out there, I hope your day is full of best friends, barbecues and burgers! Or whatever floats your boat, really. Just have a great Canada Day! And to the rest of you…move to Canada.

Just kidding. I really do hope your day doesn’t suck. Although, it would be better if you were up here chillin’ with the polar bears. Oh well! I’m off to ride mine to some lunch, peace out suckas.

What are your plans for today/this week?

Any unforgettable favourites this month?

One thought on “June Favourites

  1. I’m seriously loving the fact that pretty much everyone I’ve come across today has wished me a happy Canada Day. And the fireworks tonight? Ooo better believe I’m gonna be out there!

    Bags are such a tricky thing… I’ve got such a huge collection of them for pretty much the same reason as you – I always think I’ve found the one, and then I go on to find the new one. Yours looks awesome though, so here’s hoping it holds your heart for a little while ūüėČ

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