Some Things Need To Be Said.

Good morning! It’s looking like it’s going to be a pretty fantastic day over here. School’s out, the sun is shining (ish), and all that’s on my agenda for the day is some running, nail-painting, and coffee dates. I. Love. Summer. 


But it is actually the wonderfulness of life right now that prompted me to post about this. I was debating whether or not to, to be honest, because I wasn’t sure if it was smart to basically reveal my hometown on the internet. But then I decided that if an ax murderer really wanted to get me, they could figure out my IP address easy enough. (Optimistic, hey?)

The point is, a city close to me has been hit hard with two MAJOR disasters. The first was, which you may or may not have heard about depending on where you live, the Southern Alberta flood. Long story short, torrential rainstorms started in Canmore and worked their way up to Calgary, destroying buildings, homes, evacuating hundreds of thousands of people from their homes and killing at least two people. The damage estimate is over two billion dollars. And THEN, on top of it, train cars carrying toxic fuel fell into a river, and a bridge collapsed. Because one catastrophe wasn’t enough, right?1297432345123_ORIGINAL(Via)

I’m fully aware that much bigger disasters have occurred elsewhere (hello, hurricanes and tsunamis) and I am by no means negating them. But this happened so close to home that I feel 100% compelled to say something about it. I don’t even know what the purpose of this post is to be perfectly honest, but it’s been on my mind (and most of my province’s) for a week now and speaking out was necessary.

Actually, that’s a lie. I do know what the point of this post is. The next time your basement floods, or or deck chair snaps, or you drop your iPhone in the toilet, just get some perspective. Call your insurance, grab some duck tape and/or a bag of rice and calm the heck down because things could be so much worse.flood(Via)

That picture above is much more symbolic than just depicting the flood. Through two wars and the Great Depression, the Calgary Stampede has never been cancelled, and it sure as hell won’t be this year, despite the fact that this occurred merely 2 weeks before the opening.

Phew! I don’t want this day to get too heavy, so moving on to some lighter stuff now.plan-travel-world-panda-cry-for-help-ecard-someecardsWho wants to see me off at the airport? 

In 2 weeks, I’m leaving for a month in Europe! I literally haven’t traveled in years, so I am beyond excited for this life-changing opportunity.IMG_0582Speaking of life-changing, I would really love to appreciate the changes that come along with that. Any tips on how to not die in this kind of heat? 

But I’ll be honest. I have absolutely no idea how posting is going to go. I just started blogging, and I’m suuuuuper hesitant to just say “Sayonara” for a month. In fact, that is most certainly not happening. Now that exams are over, I’m going to be super hard at work writing up drafts to automatically publish while I’m gone.IMG_0579Not, um, doing this.

I’ve never done that before, so I’m not sure if it will even work, but that’s the best idea I’ve come up with. I’m planning on updating on my Instagram, @lifesarunner, but I’m not going to be attached to technology. This is 100% a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and you had better believe I am going to be soaking up every second of it! That being said, I’m not abandoning Life’s A Runner either. I just wanted to send out a heads-up. 🙂

My trip is divided into three parts: Volunteering, a trip with my mom and then visiting a friend, so it should be beyond easy to pop in and say hi on those last two. I have absolutely no idea how guest posts work in the blog world, and I don’t actually have that big of a following, but if anyone is interested, shoot me an email at!

Back to the food-related topics, I changed up my breakfast again! I skipped out on the granola this time because although it says “Organic” it’s actually totally not. I checked the ingredients and there is chemical after chemical. I’m not going to throw it out, but I’m not going to have it daily either. I just substituted half a banana and some cashews. 🙂

There’s a chance I’ll be back later in the afternoon since today’s post was rather rambly. Hope everyone has a terrific day!

What are your plans for the summer? 

Have you ever been impacted by a natural disaster?


5 thoughts on “Some Things Need To Be Said.

  1. First off, your new blog looks AMAZING!!! I love it!!
    Europe sounds amazing! What kind of volunteer work are you doing??
    Hope you’re enjoying your first few days of summer 🙂

  2. Sadly, I was unaware of the floods in this area. The damage looks devastating, and I hope that many relief groups are present. I will keep those affected in my prayers.
    Congrats on your upcoming trip! I have never been to Europe and would love to go. Take millions of pictures 😉

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