What To Do When…WIAW.

Today is the hump day of all hump days.

Today is my LAST. FINAL. EXAM.

In exactly 4.5 hours, I will be free of school, free of grade eleven, and most of all, free of PHYSICS.

Remind me why I took that class again? It’s okay, though, because I used this handy dandy calculator to discover that I only need to get 38% on this test to end the year with a B! I don’t use this class in my honours calculations so it doesn’t actually matter that it’s not an A. 🙂 I know most of you are done classes by now (god, I hope) but that website is perfect for deciding which exams to actually study for. (Because we all do it.)

Todays WIAW is all about last Thursday’s eats, and what to do when you’re too brain dead to function AND the stomach monster eats all of your food.  Thanks to the wonderful Jenn for hosting! 🙂 

I’ve said it before and I will say it again. Emma studying = Emma does not cook. Emma does not eat meals. Emma snacks all day long. 

I changed up my breakfast! Well, I’m not sure if this legitimately counts as variety in the real world, but when I’ve been addicted to the exact same thing for at least a month, it does for me. 😉 I changed my granola variety! Mornings have become such a sanctuary for me lately. I wake up slooooowly, amble out of bed, get my breakfast, and eat it on the couch while browsing blogs. I obviously can’t do this during school, so even though I’m studying all day long, having the freedom to relax in the mornings has been life changing. Literally. I firmly believe that beginnings of everything (January 1, Mondays, mornings), they all set up how the rest of your time is going to go. So if it starts off great, it will stay great! yogurtPlain greek yogurt with strawberries and apple cinnamon granola! 2% latte (unpictured, as always) on the side, as always.

Did you know that studying makes you dehydrated? It’s a fact. Your body sends water and oxygen to your hard-working brain, and that’s why a long session can make you feel as tired as a workout! When I heard this my whole entire life pretty much made sense again. So drink (and eat up!) when using that brainpower. This was snack #1.bananaBanana + small handful of cashews.

obviously couldn’t last the whole morning with only one snack, so I munched on this piece of wonderfulness while pretending to  studying physics. I really wish someone would tell me when, where, and how simple harmonic motion is going to be relevant in my life. LarabarCoconut Cream Larabar.

At about 2:30, I dug in to this beauty. I’ve literally been craving a panini for six months, and this hit. the. spot. I needed to get out of the house badly, so it was time for a quick lunch date at an adorable little cafe downtown. Although it wasn’t exactly a panini (the bread was slightly too hard and there weren’t those lovely ridges) it was still super delicious! I was actually thisclose to buying a panini press, before I found out you could make them in the WAFFLE MAKER! What?! Expect tons of recipes coming ASAP!


Turkey + pesto panini. 

Lattes were stopped for later in the afternoon as snack #3. (Does that even need to be said?!)IMG_0567Medium latte.

Annnnd, dinner was, although not uber camera-friendly, delicious. The Herb Crusted Pork Chops from Eat Yourself Skinny are to DIE for, along with every single one of her other recipes.dinnerHerb crusted pork chop, asparagus, cherry tomatoes + butternut squash.

 Before bed, to (attempt to) relax I had a homemade 2% decaf latte and some dark chocolate with strawberries. I feel the same way about this day as Amanda talks about in her post about nonstop hunger days. Our bodies aren’t stupid. They don’t ask for fuel when they don’t need it, and on this particular day my body needed it! I had a hard workout the day before, and intense exercise always steals my appetite…and adds it on to the next day. And to be honest, I am not even over thinking it. It’s weird, there are some days where I wonder how I could have ever struggled with food. And then there are other days where everything seems like an uphill battle, but I suppose that’s normal.

What are your favourite time-consuming snacks? I want to try some unique things out now that I actually can!

What was in the BEST panini you’ve ever had? 


4 thoughts on “What To Do When…WIAW.

  1. I’m pretty sure you’re all done your exam by now so… CONGRATULATIONS! I seriously hope you’re doing all sorts of happy dances 🙂 Also, WHAT cafe did that panini come from?! And that latte, too! I mean, I love my Starbucks and all, but I’ve been on the lookout for a cozy little local place lately and could use some suggestions.

  2. Thank you! I literally ran out of the exam room. 😉 And the panini – Cafe Leva! It’s right by the University Hospital/College Plaza – so yum. The latte is from Roast, on 104 street and (I think) 99 ave. Waaaaaay better than Starbucks. I’m not even joking when I say I’m never going back.

  3. Congrats on the last exam!!!
    Hope you celebrate with some sleeping in late and a self indulgent like a mani 🙂
    My fav time consuming snacks is pistachios! Love them

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