Embracing the Idiosyncrasies

If you know me remotely well, it’s no secret that I am a huge English nerd. I’m captain of the Grammar Police, will always choose books over magazines and spend spent way too much time on my English homework. (Although, I’m not going to miss it for the next ~2 months)

Idiosyncrasies is one of my all-time favourite words. And yes, you had better believe I have a list. And while I love the word in itself, I love them in real life, too.

So for this week’s MIMM, I wanted to bring up my most-loved idosyncrasies. In life, friends, myself, they ALL make us who we are and turn our lives into exactly what they should be.

Because, let’s be honest. Not just anyone gets authentic Danish vowels written on their bananas.


And, you know, I’m pretty much certain that not every high school student gets to go to Monster’s University. 


And it may not be strange, but a beautiful lunch on a beautiful day is pretty marvelous to me.


It’s clear to me that I am seriously lucky. We all have our ups and downs, but with the huge natural disaster that just happened in a city close to me, I’ve gotten to thinking. We all spend way too much time obsessing over things that in the grand scheme of things, are 100% irrelevant. So enjoy life please, and embrace all your idiosyncrasies. 🙂

What’s one unique thing about your life that you love? 


2 thoughts on “Embracing the Idiosyncrasies

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