The Way I See It.

Happy Monday Tuesday!

We’re 2/5 of the way through the week, which I think is a cause for celebration!

Do you know what else I think?

Eating an Apple without peanut butter is a crime.


The endless variety of Books will forever entertain me,

As will that of Chips.


Denmark is home to the best types of candy. (The eye variety, specifically)

And JK Rowling’s legacy will continue to be Everlasting.


True Fitness involves the body, mind and soul,


And Gum secretly has nicotine in it.

The best way to a girl’s Happiness is through time, not money.


Idiosyncrasies are what make the best memories, and

Johnny Depp has plans to marry a girl named Emma.


Kindness will always get you farther than jealousy.

The superior generation is that of the Lizzie McGuire era.


Monsters are currently hiding under your bed,


But No, I’m not one of them.

Although Ordinary pants are never to be seen after 5pm,

Potter and company frequently make an appearance,


Because Queen Rowling shall live forever.

The smallest triumphs  deserve the biggest Rewards. 

And although gloom doesn’t belong in the Summer,

It can result in some pretty amazing Treats,


WIth Umbrellas coming out in all shapes and sizes.

I think every workout should leave Vomit on the floor. (TMI?) and

Washing fruit is the most annoying thing in the world.


Xylophone is the only real word that starts with X.

The best things in life are Yellow. 


And in 100 years, Zits will come with a failsafe laser gun.

But that’s just the way I see it.

How do you see it? 


7 thoughts on “The Way I See It.

  1. This is so cute! Haha you named thou who shouldn’t be named in your tags! hahah! I am all about Lizzie McGuire, especially since I recently found a way to watch all the episodes. Danger!!

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