Healthy Misconceptions.


Apparently that’s a thing now – Thank God It’s Thursday – which totally makes sense to me, because by the time Thursday comes around I’m usually in weekend mode anyway ūüôā


I’m not really sure what this picture means, but I liked it, so… (Source.)

This morning I went to the (2 minutes away!) gym and completely stepped catapulted out of my comfort zone. Normally I run outside and do bodyweight strength training at home, and that’s that. But I’ve been admiring people like Jen¬†and Julie¬†for so long,¬†who consistently lift weights, that I decided I needed to give it a try. (I actually have a ton of inspirations in this department, but didn’t want to bombard you with the mile-long list. For that, go check out my blogroll!) I also like that those two both have names starting with J and urls with peanut butter in them <– yes I just noticed that right now.

Anyway, back to this mornings workout! I didn’t¬†quite¬†accomplish the ultimate goal, which was lifting barbells in fancy ways, but I did use a lot of arm machines with heavy (to me) weight. I was 100% planning on Plan A (obviously…) but truthfully, I got intimidated. I realized that I had¬†no¬†idea what to do and didn’t want to look stupid! Which is totally stupid! You had better believe I will be looking up a real routine ASAP and getting my butt back there tomorrow.

Overall, my workout ended up looking like this:

  • 1 mile warmup: 7:30
  • 20 minutes of various arm weight machines
  • 10 minutes of abs
  • 1 mile “cooldown that is actually the opposite of a cooldown”: 7:25
  • 10 minutes of stretching


Don’t mind my awkward earphones hanging around my leg.

Yay for #beastmode and dripping sweat! That may not look like much to some people, but it was a huge shock for my body. I’m so used to doing¬†literally¬†the exact same thing week after week, so I am honestly quite proud of that. ūüôā I came home + grabbed a handful of cashews before showering and sitting down to write this post!

Oh yeah… on to that.

Being a seventeen year old girl, I am entirely surrounded by the “typical” teenagers – no breakfast, a burger + fries for lunch and pizza for dinner. And don’t forget 3 brownies for dessert! <– And sadly, these people are my ¬†best friends. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve tried to (gently) help them get a little healthier, but they don’t want to hear it. They think they are invincible and don’t need to! Which leads me into the actual point of this post.


Chocolate Covered Katie needs to give a speech at my school. Her brownies…Her everything.

In my opinion, there are three types of people in terms of health. Those who care about it, those who don’t, and those who feel it is unreachable. And I believe that those last two categories are stuck in Healthy Misconceptions! Don’t be fooled, though, because these are the¬†opposite¬†of healthy.

  • I don’t need to eat healthy. I have a fast metabolism.¬†Obviously this applies to teenagers, but even some adults tend to do this! These people base their health on weight, and weight alone. However, if the stereotypical teengaer isn’t enough proof, think about this: The type of fat you see on your body is only one type of fat, called subcutaneous fat. It’s invisible counterpart, visceral fat, accumulates around the organs and is¬†far more dangerous.¬†This article¬†goes into greater detail, but basically you can be at a healthy weight, even on the slim side, but have a large amount of this ¬†type of fat. Which means that you are most certainly¬†not healthy –¬†it decreases liver function, and can cause heart disease and even cancer.


You could live to be 100. Or you could eat chips artificially flavoured to taste like meat.

  • Eating healthy is too expensive.¬†Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest factors impeding people from a healthy lifestyle. They hear “health food” and immediately connect it to items that may be out of reach such as organic vegetables, grass-fed beef and pricy restaurants. The fact is, YES, many of the “super-healthy” foods cost more than the regular variety. And fast food, along with chips and pop, are cheap. But for general health purposes, it’s not necessary to eat a breakfast of locally-grown organic kale topped with chia seeds and a fresh-pressed juice on the side. Things such as eggs, chickpeas, beans, whole wheat bread, oatmeal, peanut butter (I prefer organic, but honestly, just getting an unsalted variety works too), potatoes and canned tuna are all quite inexpensive and¬†very healthy.¬†Don’t forget to hit up the bulk bins, too!¬†If anyone is interested, I can do a more in-depth post on this, but I just want people to realize that it IS POSSIBLE to be healthy on a budget. It IS. Seriously, just believe me on this one.

superfoodsPretty, but not actually indispensable for good health.

  • I don’t have the time.¬†To cook? Spend an hour on Sunday baking chicken breasts, hard boiling eggs and chopping vegetables. Keep cans of tuna or salmon at work, protein bars in your bag and fresh fruit available to grab-and-go. To workout? Do squats in the shower, incorporate extra walking any way you can and take advantage of videos like 8 Minute Abs when you have a quick break.
  • I can’t eat enough.¬†People tend to forget this one. When I started recovery, and was trying to gain weight, I was desperate not to give up running. I (claimed) I would eat whatever it took, as long as I could continue my morning runs. I literally spent¬†hours¬†on google, searching things like “Gain weight while running” but every single page gave advice on how to¬†combat¬†weight gain, not encourage it. Basically, if this is your struggle, keep it simple. Switch to 2% milk and yogurt ,if you haven’t. Nuts and nut butters are your friends, and so are potatoes (regular + sweet), hummus and olive oil. I personally believe that things such as protein bars and powders should be used in a pinch, and not relied upon. All I can say about this is to simply look for things a little-more calorie dense and work them into snacks and meals. These tips are already out there, but I wanted to address this issue in this post anyway, because it weight gain is¬†just as important as weight loss¬†when you’re in an extreme situation.

I really hope that this was somewhat helpful, and that everyone has a #FabThursday <– New hashtag, right there. Don’t worry, tomorrow we can say TGIF and #ThrivingFriday! ūüėČ

Do you relate to any of these misconceptions?

Do you struggle with eating too much or too little?


2 thoughts on “Healthy Misconceptions.

  1. Oh goodness I relate to the eating healthy is expensive because for a college student, it is. I am now living on my own and easily spend 40 dollars a week on meat, yogurt and produce. I can understand why some would buy a 2 dollar bag of chips versus a 1 dollar greek yogurt. If you did a post on this I would definitely be interested!

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