WIAW #2: Total Chaos.

It’s finally hump day!

Although not really for me. Yesterday was (finally) my last day of school, so now I only have to go for two hours a day when I have an exam scheduled. I should be taking advantage of all this free time and spending extra time studying and working out, but what am I actually doing?

Stalking food blogs and playing candy crush, of course. What else?

My eats have been a little all over the place this past week, it being the chaos that comes with end-of-year festivities and looming final exams. Somehow, though, I actually managed to take pictures of most of my meals! Win.

Thanks to Jenn for hosting WIAW’s “Sensible Snacking” month. I am a huge snacker, and on (rare) days that I eat three big meals, I end of feeling bloated and horrible all day long. My favourite things to snack on are pistachios, almonds, cashews, quest bars, carrots, and apples. (Phewf! I told you I snack a lot!)

Breakfast was pretty typical, a delicious greek yogurt bowl with strawberries, blueberries, blackberries with strawberry + dark chocolate granola. Yum. I also had a homemade 2% latte on the side, because I feel sorry for the poor souls who catch me without caffeine.


Even though I woke up late (9am for me) I still needed a morning snack. The life of a teenager. I had a handful of cashews on my way to get my French notes.

Lunch was my first successful omelet! Yes, you just read that correctly. Every single time in my life I have eaten a proper omelet it has been made by someone other than myself. For some reason, they would always just fall apart when I tried to flip them! Turns out, though, that you actually need to wait for the eggs to cook before you try to get that sucker onto a plate. Patience is the key apparently, who knew?


I had 2 eggs, half a tomato, some spinach and shredded mozzarella. I ended going back for a round two of carrots and tzatziki 🙂

By 4pm, I was (of course) starving again, so my friend and I stopped at a local downtown cafe. I had a medium latte and we split a blueberry scone. When you don’t have the extra-large hot chocolate with extra whip cream and syrup along with your head-sized cookie, there is absolutely no reason to deny yourself the baked goodness that comes in these places. Just saying. 


I had to get a shot on the other side of town at 6, so my mom and I left shortly after I got home, and didn’t get back until 8:30. A combination of traffic + attempts to do errands left us exhausted and starving by the time we collapsed on the couch at the end of the day. We obviously didn’t feel like cooking, so dinner was toast. Fine by me 🙂


In an attempt to finish the day on a good note, I had an (unpictured) bowl of sugar snap peas and celery. Was this the most nutritious day of my life? No, probably not. I didn’t get in as many vegetables as I usually do, and my snacks were not super sensible. However, if there’s anything that recovery has taught me, it’s that I don’t need to be perfect. The VAST majority of my days are full of fruits, vegetables, lean protein and healthy fats, so when I relax a little on a lazy Sunday, there is nothing to be concerned about.

Are you vigilant about getting tons of veggies every single day? 

How do you stay healthy when life gets stressful?


6 thoughts on “WIAW #2: Total Chaos.

  1. Awwr girl don’t stress! I definitely don’t always get tonnes of veggies in. In fact, I pretty much NEVER get tonnes of veggies in… My stomach doesn’t really take kindly to them, so I can’t really eat too many. Just remember that there’s no need to analyze your diet on a daily basis. It’s all about the big picture, and things have a way of balancing out in the end 🙂

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