Enjoy it While it Lasts: MIMM #2

Happy Monday! Today isn’t a real Monday for me since I only have today and tomorrow to go to class, and then exams start. (Yipee.) But believe me, it was still just about impossible to drag myself out of bed this morning. It certainly doesn’t help that it is 100% completely miserable outside. Raining, windy, the whole shabang. And you would think, “Emma, you live in CANADA. It’s always gross out. You’re used to it, so suck it up.” Which is actually totally true, except for the last few weeks have been shorts-weather gorgeous. Making it unfathomable for me to put on anything extra this morning other than my leather jacket. (I use the term ‘jacket’ loosely)

My point is, I had gotten so used to the nice weather that I wasn’t truly enjoying it anymore. I was taking advantage of it. And now that it’s gone, I’m suffering, big time. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware that there are MUCH bigger struggles in life than gross weather, but I’m just using it to make a point. I need to make a serious effort to truly appreciate the great things in my life, because they could all be taken away from me tomorrow.

And with that, let’s get into Marvelous in My Monday!

Marvelous is… Being blessed enough to have a mother with the ability to take me to tour my dream university. The weekend after next (!) I will be going to British Columbia to see my cousin and the school I’ve been dying to go to since I entered junior high. Saying I’m excited is the understatement of the century.


No, I’m not sure I could live here. Too much scenery? (Source.)

Marvelous is… Baking muffins on a rainy afternoon. After spending all day Saturday and most of Sunday morning studying chemistry (joy), the weather headed downhill but my mood kept going right on up. I made these but in muffin form, and they are seriously divine. I’m not planning on going paleo or gluten-free anytime soon, but my mom has an intolerance so I do my best not to tempt her with things she can’t have 🙂

Marvelous is… Running. This may sound bad, but I have a seriously hard time doing any form of exercise before school in the morning. (Read: I don’t.) I literally woke up early every single day last week intending to go for a run and then bailed each time. Pathetic, I know. But I just don’t have a good, effective workout when I’m forcing myself through it. Does anyone? My favourite time is around 10am after a light breakfast and coffee, but clearly that isn’t going to work for the majority of the year. So it looks like after-school gym visits and runs are going to become my new BFF. ANYWAY –  that was a tangent – the past two days being the weekend, I got to go running! I kept it short, 3 miles on Saturday and 4 on Sunday, simply because I haven’t been running as much as I would like and I don’t want to re-injure my knee. (More on that in another post.) Still though, despite the length, those runs were absolutely glorious. crave runs when I don’t get them, and they were exactly what I needed to shake off the stress of finals and get back to being myself.

sea wheeze 2013 colors No, I’m not running SeaWheeze (tear), as I will be in Denmark (poor me, I know.) I was intending on going, as its right after my birthday, but things changed! I’m pretty sure I will be able to get on with my life though, given the circumstances… (Source.)

Marvelous is… Mindless stress relievers. When running’s not enough (yikes), I turn to the trusty iPhone to ease the tension. It seems counterproductive, all that electronic stimulation, but not when you’re playing games like these…






Marvelous is… Last but not least, my wonderful friends and family! Because I’m a mushball, I can’t go appreciating things like iPhone games and not recognize them. We can keep it short + sweet today though. I love everything they do for me and their wonderful kindness. ❤

Thanks for reading!

What’s marvelous about your Monday?

Do you have guilty pleasure phone games?



5 thoughts on “Enjoy it While it Lasts: MIMM #2

  1. I’ve recently become obsessed with Candy Crush too!
    & I feel you on running in the mornings. I know it would be a good idea to do but I think I need to wake up, eat and get mentally prepared to exercise. I just can’t jump out of bed and go!

  2. So I had NO idea you lived in Edmonton… but OMIGOSH! I can’t even tell you how excited I am to -finally- come across another blogger in this cold, rainy, miserable neck of the woods. Kind of doing a happy dance right now 🙂

    But yeah… the weather this morning was absolutely horrible, and apparently it’s supposed to be kind of bad the whole week 😕 But at least we have things like Candy Crush to keep ourselves occupied… I just started playing it this weekend and… holy.wow am I ever addicted.

    • I did the same thing when I found your blog! After feeling like every single blogger lived in California or Texas, it was a great surprise 🙂 I started playing candy crush because of you too, actually, right before finals! 😉

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