Fruit on a Friday.

     *DISCLAIMER:* I have this on its own page, but for those of you who haven’t gotten over there yet, I need to make something very clear. I am not a certified nutritionist, personal trainer, and I have no education or expertise in this field other than my own research and experience. Everything I say in this post I back up, but I absolutely state my opinion. That being said, you absolutely have every right to disagree with me and chances are you are more well-informed than myself. This is a blog where I talk about my life and opinions, which are expressed through this post. PHEWF. Now that that’s outta the way…

It’s finally Friday. This week has probably been THE longest in my life – it was the last week of grade 11. I’m honestly just so done with being stuck in high school, and I am so looking forward to applying to universities and starting my life. I may not have a clue what I want to do or be when I graduate, but at least once I’m at university I will be taking courses relevant to my interests, instead of spending my free time rationalizing denominators or solving quadratic systems. (?) I don’t even know what I just said.

ImageDefinitely going to be me today. (Source.)

     Moving on, today I wanted to talk about a bit of a controversial subject. Fruit. I know, I know, you’re rolling your eyes. FRUIT is not a controversial topic Emma, it’s fruit.” And believe me, I agree with you. But a growing portion of the world does not. Why not, you ask?


Please tell me how its possible to say no to this. Because I really can’t fathom it. (Source.)

     Apparently, fruit makes you fat. Yes, there is a whole school out there who believe that a hunk of steak the size of your head, or a protein bar with 999 ingredients is better than mother nature-grown fruit. There are some, such as berries, that get off a little easier, but they still need to be “limited.” And then, there are the ones at the top of the sugar ladder such as grapes, mangoes, and apples that people say they literally will not touch. And apparently, there is a legitimate phobia of bananas?! Katie, of Chocolate Covered Katie, addressed it wonderfully!

ImageNow this, this you should be afraid of.

There is some factual evidence behind this oh-so-strange topic, though. It’s the idea that the excess sugar and carbs in fruit will spike the fat-storing hormone insulin. And while that’s true, it’s true of any excess amount of carbs. But in my opinion, the word excess needs to be used loosely. There is a huge debate over the recommended amount, ranging from 0-400g daily. I’m not getting into that, simply because I don’t know enough yet and it deserves its own post, but if you would like further information, this is the place to go! (I think) It basically advocates a moderate approach to all macronutrients, something I believe essential to a balanced, healthy life. (Read: believe!)

Back to fruit! The fact is, fruit is full of energy-boosting healthy carbs sugar, vitamins, and minerals. As long as you’re not eating 50 bananas for breakfast, in my opinion, an intake of a few pieces of fruit per day is wonderfully healthy and beneficial! Veggies do not have it all, my friends. Spinach, for example, one of the vegetables highest in potassium, has 167mg per one cup raw, while a TON of fruit has WAY more. We’ve got bananas with 422mg/medium, blackberries with 233mg/cup, guava with 688mg/cup and cherries with 306mg/cup! (Source)


Feel the love. ❤

     Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that its impossible to get a substantial amount of nutrients (including potassium!) from vegetables. All I’m saying is that fruit has its merits too! I’m a strong believer in the “Everything in moderation” philosophy, because truthfully, even ‘junk’ food usually has some good minerals and vitamins, they’re just overtaken by the chemicals and excess calories.

All in all, if you came to this post wondering if you can have the go-ahead for your banana in the morning, I say go for it! And have cherries at lunch, and an apple as a snack! Just maybe don’t also have a post-workout smoothie with three more bananas and a pear and some raisins for dessert. In my opinion. 

What’s your opinion on fruit? Good, bad, or the never-spoken-of enemy?


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