Morning !

I was just sitting with my computer, feeling a case of writer’s block coming on, when I remembered this survey I saw on Julie’s blog a while back. It looked like fun, so hey – why not?

1. Current Book(s): Four Novels, by Charles Dickens. More specifically, Oliver Twist! I received this book for Christmas but just recently started to read it. Classic literature is one of my biggest passions (along with running, hah) and I find Dickens’ work totally enthralling. I’m LOVING the fact that I have four of his books in one! They are going to be a godsend when I am on 9+ hour flights this summer (more on that soon!)


2. Current Music: Hmm…where to begin. I honestly listen to EVERYTHING. I’m one of those people that gets lost in anything they listen to, and don’t hate anything. Well, except country. Just the thought of nonstop twanging makes me shiver. Anyway, lately I have been listening to a few artists more than others. Eminem, but that’s a given. I LOVE Justin Timberlake’s new album! That is on repeat every morning for my bus ride/ walk to school. I’ve also been loving Owl City just hanging around the house as well.

3. Current Guilty Pleasure. I don’t believe ANY food should give you guilt, so my answer for this would would have to be the fact that I have been loving me some Vampire Diaries lately. Ian Somerhalder….just yum. I sort of dropped off the train for the last 4-5 episodes, so I’ve been catching up in my free time. WHY on EARTH did I stop?!

ImageSource. How could anyone NOT love this? ❤

4. Current Nail Colour. Chipped purple 😦 Unfortunately, I’m not sure of the colour. My favourite one recently, though? Essie’s Turquoise + Caicos. Yes, it’s on everybody and their mother’s nails, but that’s for a good reason. It is simply the PERFECT turquoise and doesn’t make my hands look like a veiny grandmother’s. (Which has been known to happen.)

5. Current Drink. Homemade 2% lattes. I’ve been having them every morning without fail after my breakfast, and then sometimes after school too, if I need an extra boost to power me through the evening. (Read: Pulling all-nighters studying) I just heat up 1/2 cup of milk in the microwave for one minute, then fill up the rest of the cup with a long shot of Nespresso Roma. Perfect. I remember the days of skinny lattes and skim milk and just cringe.

6. Current Food. Are lattes food? No? PISTACHIOS, then. I’ve been looking left, right and centre for different foods to help me up my calories, and then I came across salted pistachios. I know lots of people eat them as “skinny” nuts because the shells slow you down, but I’ve found it easier to eat more of these than, say, almonds. It’s more of a mental thing, but if it works, it works, right?

7. Current Favourite TV Show. House of Cards – I just found this show this past week, and I’m totally in love! I’ve been obsessed with politics for at least two years now, and now I have a (yet another) perfect outlet for it! It’s also nice to have a TV show I don’t have to add an explanation to when I tell people what I watch. (Come on, you know you’d feel the same way.)


8. Current Wish List. Considering the fact that I’m currently living in a beautiful condo downtown with a fridge full of food and a closet full of clothes, I’m not wishing for much. I would much rather count my blessings, no matter how cheesy that sounds. That being said, I could absolutely go for some coconut butter right now, which I have not been able to find anywhere. Sad. Any Canadians out there wanting to help a girl out?

9. Current Needs. To travel. I have lived in the same city for my whole entire life, and have only left Canada a couple of times. I have such a thirst to see how other cultures live, and cannot wait to get out and experience the world. I have an absolutely phenomenal trip planned for this summer, involving me travelling for a whole month! I’ve never been away from home that long, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, but I need a trip like this so badly.

ImageHint: Stop number two of three! ❤

10. Current Indulgence. Chocolate chip cookies, without a doubt. I’m planning on baking these from Katie’s blog after I chow down on some homemade waffles! Sounds like a perfect (ly indulgent) day to me! 🙂

11. Current Blessing. My mom. That woman has gone to the ends of the earth and bent over backwards a million and one times for me. I will never ever be able to repay her (not that I think i need to) but I will be eternally grateful for her.

12. Current Outfit. Currently currently? Leggings and a tank top. It’s Sunday morning! However, my favourite thing to wear recently has been lace tops. I’m in love. They’re just so darn comfortable and cute! Nessecary for the stressful couple of weeks before the end of school. (And start of finals D: )

13. Current Excitement. To be honest, this blog! I’m so excited to have a project like this to work on, especially because it combines my two passions, health and writing! However, I also have my trip to look forward to, which is happening in less than six weeks (Eek!!)

What is everybody else looking forward to? What are you grateful for?


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