Marvelous in My Monday

TYay! My first one 🙂 I’ll be honest, I spent a little (read: too much) time this weekend wallowing in some self-pity. So what better way to get out of that funk than appreciate all of the wonderful things in life?

First and foremost, I love my momYes, yesterday was just mother’s day, but that woman deserves serious recognition every day of the year – as do ALL moms! Getting older has made me realize how much she truly does for me, without even thinking about it. I’m honoured that she thinks so much of me and loves me so much. 

And moving on to a lighter note – SMOOTHIES! I’ve pretty much just been throwing everything in sight into the magic bullet and calling it done. Bananas, berries, pineapple, nut butter, coconut water, it seems like my whole fridge has found its way into my morning glass of thick, creamy deliciousness. They’ve all (somehow) been pretty darn good, except this morning’s :(. However, that one shall not be spoken of as today is marvelous Monday, and that baby was anything but. 

Spring nail polish! I’ve been lusting after Essie’s Turquoise & Caicos” and “Tarte Deco” for literally a year, and I still haven’t bought them. Maybe tomorrow’s shopping trip will be the day? However, I have been loving showing off my gorgeous (read: disgusting but colourful) toes with lots of bright colours and sandals! Spring has finally arrived. Although, where I live, there’s been snow every single month of the year soooo……..



Starbucks. Well, I love Starbucks a little too much every season, but there’s just something about sipping the perfect iced latte or frappuccino with your girlfriends. It can (and has!) completely turn around my day. ❤



Kesha. I know quite a lot of people that hate Kesha, and I honestly have no idea why! That girl knows how to rock out 🙂 I love listening to her new album, Warrior on runs or when I just need a little extra pep in my step. There are tons of girl anthems and positive beats in all of her songs and they are great for (almost) any occasion.

On the music note, I’ve also been loving Eminem! No, I’m not usually one for the super-crass music, but there’s just something about his music that I can’t get over. His I like listening to on a run, but would rather jam out to when really, really mad about something. I prefer my runs to be a bit more positive, HOWEVER: When I run to relieve stress/tension/anger, you can bet I’m sprinting along to some F-bombs every other word. 

I’ve also been a tad obsessed with Quest bars lately as well. I’ve only ever had one flavour, the chocolate brownie one, but when they are gone I fully intend to by more. I haven’t had the chance to microwave them yet since I try to only eat protein bars when I’m on the go, but apparently that is a must-do. On it, strange blogworld. 



Literally taste like one of these. 

Last, but certainly not least, I love my friends with all my heart. Any hard time you throw at me they will get me through and I know for a fact that I could not live without them. Love you, girls. ❤

What’s been marvelous about your Monday? 


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